A Better Way to Pass on Multi-Use Trails

Improve the Vibe of Your Ride

If you're anything like us, you just love to ride. You love the speed, the dirt, the rocks and the roots, and the fresh air in your face. But if other trail users aren't having fun, you're not having fun either.

That's why all riders need an effective way to pass and audibly communicate their presence to other riders, hikers, equestrians and wildlife. When none existed, we set out to find one.

Things That Don't Work

  • You can mount a cowbell or bear bell to your bike that produces a constant ringing sound. But you can't turn it off, so it's ding, ding, ding all day.
  • You can ride without a bike bell, and pass by shouting the usual “passing on your left”.  And that always works perfectly, right?
  • You can ride with a traditional bike bell, and ding it just as you approach. Unfortunately, to most people this sounds too much like “Beep beep, get out of my way”.

Ring Mode / Stealth Mode

Timber’s patented on/off ring system provide instant sound control at the flick of a finger; on everything from gnarly DH descents to multi-use pathways around town.

The motion of the bike activates the sound. Because the sound is passive, you communicate to other trail users in a friendlier way. Giving them time to find a safe place to move off the trail. 

You'll be shocked at the reaction you get from other trail users. Smiles, waves, "thanks for riding with a bell", "have a nice day".

So ride hard, ride often, have fun out there!