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The all new quick release style Model Yew!® is finally out and offers huge improvements over our older style quick release bells.

Like the bolt-on Model Yew! it features:

  • A spring loaded piston in the on/off lever for smoother shifting.
  • Built stronger, and all parts are now completely modular, including the cable. and clapper ringer system.


  • Tool free mounting and removal. Moves easily between bikes.
  • Includes three shims to fits 35mm bars (as well as 22.2mm and 31.8mm)
  • New beefier, grippier bands mount firmly. Won't spin or rotate on your bars while shifting between modes.
  • Bands are made of UV resistant EPDM so they won't crack or degrade.

If you want to be able to quickly remove or install your bell, or move it from bike to bike, we recommend the quick release over the bolt-on model