You Did WHAT??

One thing we’ve learned is that it's not easy making a bell that can stand up to the kind of abuse mountain bikers can dish out.  

Who could have guessed the torture you could inflict on a bike accessory? Who knew how many countless hours a week you would spend riding your local trails?

But we’re up for the challenge. So we spend much of our waking life dreaming up new ways to make TIMBER as durable as possible. We’ve already made at least a dozen improvements to the product since we launched almost a decade ago, with more upgrades being added with each production run.

In the meantime, we’ve learned that certain parts can break or wear out. So if your bell has stopped working for one reason or another, we want to make it right for you. 

Get A New Bell At A Smoking Hot Price

You can replace your broken bell with a brand new one at a discount. Just send us an email at along with a photo of the broken bell and a short description of what went wrong.  (And if you happen to mention just how much you enjoy your bell, it might brighten up our day a bit.)

We’ll send you a coupon code to purchase a discounted replacement bell through our website.  Depending on which model bell you have, you'll either save $10 or $15 off the replacement. (Unless you broke your Model Yew!, in which case we'll show you how to fix it yourself.)